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Some of Floridas top Destinations include, Orlando, Miami, Fort Myers, Clear water beach and Key West, Lets start with Orlando, a metropolis to set the bar for all others, considered by many as the tourist destination of the world, Orlando singlehandidly is home to some of the most famous destinations in the whole world, notable Walt Disney that is Disney World, Bush Gardens Africa, Aquatica, Universal Studios, Islands of Adventure, Kennedy’s Space center,  Medieval Times, Arabian Nights, Sky Coaster World, the list goes on and on. Simply said Orlando is packed with every type of vacation possibility imaginable.  Next up is Miami, ah the sandy shores of Miami are always a great choice in the mix, Miami is a well-known global city due to its importance in finance, commerce, culture, media, fashion, education, film, print media, entertainment, the arts and international trade. Known as The Gateway to the Americas Miami posseses some of the wildest beaches and parties in South Florida, its definitely a couples retreat, beaches that host some of the greatest spring break parties ever recorded, Miami is a significant melting pot for Latinos, Cubans, African Americans and Americans alike, as a result the cultures of these intertwine to make up the fabric of Miami culture.

Another top destination is Fort Myers, With its endless supplies of beautiful fern trees, tropical trees swaying in the wind at such a slow subtle pace as to send tingles down your limbs, the eclectic sunrise over the far ocean as it sets and just illuminates the water at such an angle as to reveal the very hand of God, a beauty without words to describe it, a far endless scenic display of aesthetic serenity peace and stability. Clear Water is also on the list for Top 5 Florida destinations, Clearwater Marina boasts of being one of the most versatile and perfectly equipped marinas of Florida.  Clearwater Marina has the complete suite of all the coastal activities that a visitor can aspire to enjoy, making it perfect for Honey Moon vacations in Clear Water Beach. Finally we come to Key west a small entry compared to the other but no less significant, the closest to the Ocean you can be without actually being in it. Also the dolphin tours are another big attraction, where you can witness true bottle-nose dolphins in their natural habitats and where you can see all the great wildlife within the keys and truly understand the great Ecosystem which is Key West. There are many Key West travel deals waiting for you, don’ delay, Key West is a small paradise waiting for you.