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Hi there, my name is Johnny and I have lived in Florida since 1981. I still remember that year when 4 buddies and I, packed in my Ford Maverick from upstate New York and drove down to Florida. Since I have never been to Florida, who would think I would fall in love with this state that fast, because I dropped out of college and moved down here. It was a lot of discovering for me, where to go, what to do, and how to make it happen. There was so much to discover from the Fun Sightseeing, Beautiful Beaches, Amazing Theme Parks, Unique Parks, and totally Awesome Vacation Locations.

Traveling has been a big part of my life, my father was a school teacher and my mother was from Europe. Every summer during my grade school years, my father would pack the car with his camping gear and travel to about 30 states in the US, he really loved discovery something new. He really put the travel bug into me. But on the other hand, my mother, she put the international aspect of travel into me. She took me to Europe and the Caibbean and she helped me understand international travel. As you can understand, travel has been a big part of my life.

Florida is now my travel discovery spot, there is so much to see here and its hard to know it all. My sightseeing explored from the Florida Keys, South Beach Miami, Tampa, St Augustine, Jacksonville, Gainesville, Orlando, Ft Myers, Fort Lauderdale, West Palm Beach, and Cocoa Beach. This website was created so I can archive all the adventures I have experienced and about the new adventures in the future. Also, hopefully we can build a relationship and trust and you will want to add your Florida Travel stories too!!

We are on this journey together and I look forward sharing it with you and enjoying with you.