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Florida Keys Dolphin Swim

The Florida Keys is one of the few areas in the world where there are 5 Dolphin Facilities with in 80 miles of each other. The reason there are so many dolphin facilities there is because of the weather and the location is perfect for this type of activity. You need to check out this story about Swimming with the Dolphin in Florida Keys.

The story starts with….

Taking a vacation is so difficult sometime but has to be done to refuel our
florida keys dolphin swim bodies from the day to day stress we all have. My wife and I took an escape to swim with dolphins in the Florida Keys. I am so thankful we took the time out of our busy schedules as a south florida wedding photographer and my wife as an accountant to do this and enjoy a day together. Swimming with these peaceful creatures was relaxing and rejuvenating. I had planned this for several weeks as a surprise for my wife. We had not traveled anywhere for quite some time. So, why not try in our own backyard?
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I love the Florida Keys. Do you have any suggestions of places to go and see you the Florida Keys?
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