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Parasailing In Key Largo

I always wondered what it would be like to have the ability to fly. If I could fly, where would I go? What would I want to see from a bird’s eye view? The Grand Canon? No, it probably looks the same from 300 feet in the air as it does at ground level. I would see the same big hole. How about flying around the Rockies? No, that would probably take away from the power of the height of the mountain line. I know, I would love to fly over the islands of the Florida Keys! Could you imagine the view! Being 300 feet in the air, able to see twenty-five miles of crystal blue water and magnificent islands. The only masses separating the Atlantic Ocean and the Gulf of Mexico are the islands and mango trees. What a breathtaking view!

You can get this view in Key Largo by Parasailing at Caribbean Watersports. They will allow you and a partner to fly 300 feet above sea level off the back of a speed boat to absorb the

breathtaking views the birds of the south have been hiding from us for all of these years. No wonder why the birds fly south. Just an hour drive south of Miami is Caribbean Watersports, located in Key Largo along highway U.S. 1 at Milemarker 97. Here is where you can fly like a bird and enjoy the Florida Keys like you never have before.

My wife and I let the crew attach us to a large Smiley Face parachute and we flew tandem during our visit. At first, I felt a bit nervous about the height, but after we got off the platform the fear was gone. The security of the straps and the smoothness of the ride confirmed that the heights were not going to be a problem (At that moment I realized that I was not afraid of heights; I was afraid of falling to the earth).


We soared over Florida Bay and Key Largo and absorbed some of the most beautiful sights ours eyes had ever seen. From high in the air, we could see clearly through the water to the sandy bay floor; the whole while spotting fish, manatee and dolphin swimming freely throughout the Florida Bay. The cruise lasted about 20 minutes; at that point we started to make our decent back to the rear of the boat. Far too soon we made a smooth landing and we were back on the boat at sea level.

Flying 300 feet above the Keys and Florida Bay was an amazing adventure. The breathtaking views were more beautiful than words can describe. Next time you are in the Florida Keys be sure to visit Caribbean Watersports and take a flight parasailing over Florida Bay.

Caribbean Watersports


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