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Top Five Items For The Florida Beaches

After coming from the beach today, I thought it might be good to write a must have list for the beach. Even though it might sound simple, a lot of people did not have them on the beach and I was glad my family and I did. It made our day at the Florida Beach so much better and comfortable.

  1. Big comfortable beach towel, you definitely need to start with this. Without the beach towel, you have nothing but sand all over you. The bigger the the better. Try not to get too thin of towel because it is so much more comfortable with a thicker towel.
  2. Sunscreen, the Florida sun will really get you bad in the summer. Even on day like today, where the breeze was beautiful and i thought it was not too hot, my feet got sun burned. Good thing there are so many brands that protect and keep you from burns in the evening.  A must today!!
  3. Beach Umbrella, this is a convenience but I love having one. Today the umbrella are much more stable and well designed. They have special post that you can dig into the sand so the umbrella does not blow away. Also, the umbrellas today have openings in the middle to let the breeze blow through.  It really takes the heat away and gives your body a break from the sun.
  4. Comfortable beach chair, a good chair make the day so much more enjoyable. Its always nice to be able sit and watch the world go by you, the waves, the sand, and the people. The beach chairs they have today are very light to carry and very durable.
  5. An Ice Cooler, you need to find out if your beach you are going to allows a cooler but I always find a beach that does. With out a cooler, the day is long and thirty. You always need a break with a cold water or other beverages and snacks. There are all different sizes but I always like a small one so I don’t have too much weight to carry around.

Well this is my list. What is your must have’s on the beach?
God Bless,

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