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The city of Miami,  pages and volumes could be written on this one very special location, that in many ways marks the spot for the state of Florida some may say even more so than Orlando. Miami also the 5th most populated city in the entire United States, boasts some of the most stunning attractions in South Florida. Miami is a well-known global city due to its importance in finance, commerce, culture, media, fashion, education, film, print media, entertainment, the arts and international trade. Known as The Gateway to the Americas Miami posseses some of the wildest beaches and parties in South Florida, its definitely a couples retreat, beaches that host some of the greatest spring break parties ever recorded, Miami is a significant melting pot for Latinos, Cubans, African Americans and Americans alike, as a result the cultures of these intertwine to make up the fabric of Miami culture. Miami itself is one of the major financial hubs in the world and is ranked as one of Americas top cities overall.

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Miami is known for its great beaches, unrivaled restaurants featuring almost every cuisine imaginable, Hotels at literally every turn all varying in price and affordability,  Miami vacation deals are numerous and Miami in general allows tourists of all incomes to bring in the noise and share in the fun. Miami Florida travel guide provides you with more information about Miami, but most notably Miami is  known for its unparalleled night life, featuring the top 10 Nightclubs in the US, including Mansion, Club Space, Nocturnal, Mint Lounge, the Living Room just to name a few.
Miami with its great hub of tourism and endless possibilities for activities and fun make it by far on of the best choices to travel to, all inclusive Miami vacations are a good option, because they allow you to experience all that Miami has to offer prepaid at a fair price. the city of Miami will always be known far and wide for its great culture and diversity, its endless experiences and possibilities and its friendly people. Do not hesitate book your Miami vacation today.

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