Come for the Turquoise Waters, White Sand Beaches, and Tons Of Fun in Panama City Beach

You know those vacation destinations that seem too good to be true? Well, Panama City Beach, Florida is one of those destinations. With over 27 miles of white sand beaches that stretch along the azure waters of the Gulf of Mexico, Panama City Beach offers two state parks, beautiful beach access points, great restaurants right on the water that serve up fresh seafood all day and night, and a host of attractions that entertain people of all ages. The waters around the city are famous with divers and fisherman who take advantage of the dozens of artificial reefs offshore, and the water sports and nightlife provide fun from sunup to sundown.

If you’re headed for Panama City Beach on holiday, here are some of the awesome attractions we suggest you check out.

Everybody Loves a Yacht Party    

Solaris Panama City BeachHow would you like to dine, dance and cruise the beautiful waters off shore on the SOLARIS, the area’s only dining and entertainment yacht. The yacht offers three decks to explore and tantalizing cuisine prepared by private chefs. Up on the sky deck, take in the sunset and watch the heavens fill with shimmering stars that will act like a disco ball as you dance the night away. The SOLARIS can also be rented out for weddings and private events.

There’s a Big One Out There With Your Name on It

A fish that is, so you might want to hop on board the Osprey, a 22-foot cape Horn designed for fishing the shallowest flat but also capable of maneuvering open bay waters and coastal beaches. Spend the day fishing for trout, tarpon, jacks, redfish, flounder and even sharks. Fly fishing is also available during the summer and early fall.

Get a Birdseye View

If you spend any amount of time on the beach you’ll no doubt notice the helicopters flying overhead. This is a great way to enjoy a scenic tour of panama city beach helicopter toursthe city from a totally different perspective. You can see schools of fish, rays, dolphins, and, if you’re lucky enough, you might even see a pod of Manatees. Most flights range in duration and price and can run the entire length of the beach and even around Shell Island. Or, if you’re so inclined, you can charter a helicopter for a custom tour, which would cost more but be well worth it.

A Once-in-a-Lifetime Experience

Blue Dolphin Tours gives you the chance to swim with playful bottle-nose dolphins in their natural habitat. Take a super fast and super fun boat out that has been specially designed to find and interact with the dolphins. Many larger boats will carry groups of people of up to 150, but Blue Dolphin Tours carries only 6 passengers, including children, so the whole experience is much more intimate. While out and about, you’ll also be able to discover other fantastic wildlife in the region like pelicans, herons and many underwater creatures.

Extreme Go carting Anyone?

Race City Panama City BeachRace City is the place to go to tear around the track with friends or family. And not just one track, but 6 different ones to choose from. When you’re done racing, you can visit their indoor arcade, haunted house or their bumper boat rides. And, because each attraction is priced separately, you can save money and only hit the ones you really want to enjoy.

Don’t be surprised if on the last day of your vacation, you find yourself calling your travel agent and booking your next trip to Panama City Beach, Florida!

Gulf World – A famous Panama City Beach Attraction

Do you love dolphins, sea lions, penguins, sharks, rays, and other animals. Or should I just say are you an animal lover? If you are and visiting the Panama City Beach area, you need to visit this and exciting attraction. Gulf World has been pleasing crowds since 1969 and I had a chance to review and experience the dolphin swim and shows there.

I had a great day and you should read my story I wrote. Also, I posted some photos too and I hope you like them. If you have been to Gulf World, I would like hear  your opinion toodolphins gulf world and children panama city florida. < read my story >

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Horseback Riding on the Gulf Coast

There are not too many places you can horseback ride on the beach in Florida. You would think it would be more common especially with a state where it has so much beach coast line. But no, Cape San Blas is one of the few places.

Here is a video from Lauren Tjaden. She has a great job of discovering Florida. She will takes you on a ride you won’t soon forget. Cape San Blas is the only place in Northwest Florida where you can horseback ride on the beach. Experience the beauty of a peaceful ride at this spectacular stretch of shoreline.

Check out her video….

Has anyone done this tour or horseback riding on a Florida beach? I would love to hear about your experience.
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Destin Florida – Still a Great Place for Summer Vacation

You may wonder if you can go to Destin Florida for a vacation. Yes, you can. I have heard the beaches are still fine but I have not seen them for myself, only hear say. This youtube video from some vacationers visiting this beautiful Florida city. This video was posted on June 21 and there is no oil on the beaches, YEAH!!

I really like this video because it shows you how clean the ocean and the beaches are plus how laid back and relaxing Destin can be.  If you are looking for a vacation and live within 5 – 7 hours drive time from Destin, you can drive or fly here. To check out the rates for the hotels here, go to
< Destin Florida Hotel Vacation >

What did you think of the video? Anyone been to Destin Beach? What did you think of it for a vacation destination?
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Known quite simply as the World’s luckiest fishing village, Destin is known for its great fisheries and cool clear emerald waters. Named after captain Leonard Destin a New London fishing master who settled here, Destin strted off as nothing more than a common fishing village and today is known as one of the hot spots for tourist’s far and wide, a Destin Florida location is exactly what is called for in the Hot summer months when you need to cool off and relax from the hustle and bustle of day to day life.

An incredible hub of tourism which attracts literally millions each year. The Florida’s Department of Environmental Protection estimates that more than 80 percent of the Emerald Coast’s 4.5 million yearly visitors travel to the region to visit Destin. Among some of the intersting activities one can do in Destin and definitely unique to Destin is to charter a private fishing vessel and go to sea! with 12 access points from the harbor to the sea, the choices on where to go are great. Another great characteristic oabout Destin is actually something quite simple, its sand. Destin’s sand is rated to be among the whitest not only in the US, but across the world.
However besides the water and sand the activities in Destin are very fun and unique, a very different experience than the usual everything everywhere always of Orlando for instance, only to be replaced by specific, structured and unique fun, such activities are the annual Destin fishing rodeo and the legendary and unparalleled, Destin seafood festival. An array and sorting of every kind of seafood immaginable, shrimps to lobsters and clams to squid and everything in between, its truly the ultimate seafood lover’s paradise. Another important aspect to consider in Destin is its affordable lodging, with a wide array of hotels and motels and condominiums to choose from it makes a vacation to destin a very cheap Destin vacation that ends up being a world of fun.