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Destin Florida – Still A Great Place For Summer Vacation

You may wonder if you can go to Destin Florida for a vacation. Yes, you can. I have heard the beaches are still fine but I have not seen them for myself, only hear say. This youtube video from some vacationers visiting this beautiful Florida city. This video was posted on June 21 and there is no oil on the beaches, YEAH!!

I really like this video because it shows you how clean the ocean and the beaches are plus how laid back and relaxing Destin can be.  If you are looking for a vacation and live within 5 – 7 hours drive time from Destin, you can drive or fly here. To check out the rates for the hotels here, go to
< Destin Florida Hotel Vacation >

What did you think of the video? Anyone been to Destin Beach? What did you think of it for a vacation destination?
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