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Key West

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Key West is a small island in the straights of Florida, always considered a strategic military post due to its convenient location at the tip of access between the Atlantic and gulf of Mexico, over the years like other locations it has significantly developed and urbanized, and become a great tourist attraction. Some activities you can do in Key West include renting a bicycle and exploring the history and architecture of Old Town Key West. Walking tours, including a tour of the unusual Key West Cemetery, are available. The Sunset Celebration at Mallory Square is a daily spectacle for visitors and residents. Boat excursions and tours provide a great way to view Key West from the water.
Hotels and accommodations are also available in Key West, with very affordable prices. Many tourists travel to Key West because of the crisp blue waters, the closest to the Ocean you can be without actually being in it. Also the dolphin tours are another big attraction, where you can witness true bottle-nose dolphins in their natural habitats and where you can see all the great wildlife within the keys and truly understand the great Ecosystem which is Key West. There are many Key West travel deals waiting for you, don’ delay, Key West is a small paradise waiting for you.

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