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Winter Savings To Florida

When you think of Winter and the cold, where do you think of traveling first? Hopefully, it is Florida. Right now is offering some great deals to Florida. Orlando may be your first choice destination or a warmer spot like Fort Myers Beach or even a warmer climate like the Florida Keys. Don’t forget Florida has some of the largest Cruise Ports in the country, like Miami, Fort Lauderdale, Port Canaveral, or Tampa Bay for a cruise around the Caribbean. Check out these deals and see if they can help you to¬† SAVE MONEY!!

Expedia Holiday Bonus!

Last-Minute Orlando Deals: Hotels from $45, Vacations from $266 – Expires 11/17/2010

Fall Sale at Fort Myers & Sanibel Beaches: Save up to 35% off your stay – Expires 12/31/2010

Find Travel Deals on Top 10 Family-Friendly Vacations! – Expires 12/31/2010

Save $50 on weekly airport rentals with Hertz! – Expires 12/17/10

Cruise Sooner or Later Sale: Sail from $129! – Expires 12/10/10

24 Hour Wednesday Sale – New deals every week! – Expires 12/31/10

What do you think about these deals? Can you take advantage of it?
Happy Traveling!
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