Top Five Things to Do in Key Largo

Key Largo is a famous Island in the Florida Keys. Its the first Island on your way down to Key West.  I always enjoy coming to this Island and the surrounding Islands of Tavernier and Islamorada which is called the Upper Keys by the locals.  My favorite activities for the Upper Keys are the following: 1. Swimming with the Dolphins Key Largo Tour, 2. Scuba Diving the Beautiful Coral Reefs 3. Florida Keys Wild Bird Rehabilitation Center 4. John Pennekamp Coral Reef State Park and 5. Caribbean Watersports.

  1. The Swimming with the Dolphins Key Largo Tour is done by Dolphin World. This tour company provides the best of both worlds where you get to swim with the dolphins and snorkel the beautiful coral reef all in one package.  The dolphin program is a blast where you get to swim with them for 30 minutes and get a dorsal fin ride, belly ride, and foot push. Also, 1 1/2 hours boat trip to the beautiful and magical coral reef with mask, snorkel and fins.
  2. Scuba Diving the pristine Coral Reefs is a must for all certified divers. There not too many places in the continental United States where there are coral reefs that are worthy to dive on.  Some of the great places to dive here are famous wrecks, the Spiegel Grove and USCG Duane.  The Sea Dweller is a reputable dive center to dive with.
  3. Florida Keys Wild Bird Center’s mission is to rescue, rehabilitate, and release native and migratory wild birds that have been harmed or displaced, to provide or locate a humane shelter for those birds that cannot be released, and to educate the public toward the importance of coexistence with all wild bird species.  I love stopping here because its so interesting and the it free but they do ask for a donation.
  4. John Pennekamp Coral Reef State Park is a famous State Park on Key Largo. This state park is nice place to visit.  As parks goes, it a good place to get some nature, mangrove walks and beaches for swimming, camping if you want to sleep outside, and picknicking for those that want to eat their own food.  Also this park tells the story how it became one the first places in the United States where the surrounding waters and coral reefs were protected for future generations.
  5. Caribbean Watersports is one of the best places to get all your water sports needs met.  They have so much to offer from Parasailing,  Enviro-Tours into the Everglades National Park’s Florida Bay,  Sunset Cruises on Florida bay,  WaveRunners, Banana Boat Rides, Hobie Cat Sailboats, Kayaks,   and Stand Up Paddle Boards. If you have time in the Keys, you should take advantage of all this water fun, especially the Parasailing which is my favorite. You really get to see the Key Largo and the Everglades from so high up.

Well this is my list. Do you have activities list for Upper Keys? I would love to go have your feed back with any of your suggestions.
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Driving on the Daytona Beach Video

Daytona Beach is one of the few beaches that I know of where you can still drive on with your own vehicle.  Now, you can’t drive fast or do doughnuts; there are rules! But you CAN drive parallel to the Atlantic Ocean, in the comfort of your car, and enjoy gorgeous views.

To drive on the beach you have to pay $5 per vehicle; you’ll get a receipt that’s valid the entire day.  Check out this video of driving on Daytona Beach

If you done this, please tell me about your experience(s)?
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Dolphin Shows and More in Miami

I spend the day with my sister and her children at the Miami Seaquarium. It was a beautiful March day and we really enjoyed the Dolphin Show, Sea Lion Show, and the whole park in general which was a lot of fun which made it an exciting day for everyone.

Check out there video of the park and how exciting it can be.

For more information on the Park >>> Click Here

The park is on Key Biscayne which is a great place to come to in Miami, because there is so much to do in the area, great public beaches, and Key Biscayne has a state park that is fun to visit too, and nice Cuban food in the town of Key Biscayne.

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Miami Dolphin Watching

Hey Guys,
I’d love to share with you a really great activity that is good for the whole family.  If your coming to Miami and your thinking to yourselves whats a great clean family filled activity that everyone can enjoy and no one will forget. Then my friends, what you need is a dolphin interaction activity. Dolphins activities have always been popular since their advent back in the late 1960s where it became a  more public known activity.

Dolphin Watching in Miami

Today dolphin interactions have improved from the 1960s, from petting and touching dolphins, to interacting with them in shallow water, to doing a full dolphin swim with the dolphins. You can believe that a dolphin interaction is that kind of activity that builds and reinforces heartfelt memories between you and your family and friends. Check out this video..

With dolphin swimming facilities in Key Biscayne, Miami, you can choose between just simply watching these dolphins jump through hoops, and exhibit amazing feats of acrobat skill and technique, or you can do  a famous dolphin encounter activity which you will actually be in the water with multiple dolphins and get a chance to swim with the dolphins Miami. But wait, if you really feel like going all out you can try the dolphin swim adventure, where you physically get to hold on to the fin of the dolphin and the dolphin will pull you through the water from one end of the pool to the other.

girl kissing a dolphin

Each dolphin type program come at varying costs and package orientations, making it very versatile and flexible for all people. This is by far one of the best activities that can be done in the great city of Miami. Find out more info for swimming with dolphins and get  one today. Dolphins are loving playful creatures, that live to interact and play with their human counterparts.  Its simply a guaranteed wonderful time with these adorably cute , warm and loving creatures.

We would love to hear from you.  Have you ever done a swim with a dolphin experience?  Until next time,

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Breathtaking Views of Miami by Air

If you are vacationing to Miami and you want to see some of the best mix of activities and scenery anywhere, you simply can’t pass up the exhilarating Miami Air Tour activity. Have you ever wondered how you could possible see everything Miami has to offer in the span of a day?

Well if you are looking for a fun filled, exciting and cost effective activity, the Miami air tour activity may be just what your looking for.  With several different air tour options and even a customizable tour, where you may outline where you would like to see specifically in South Florida. This tour gives great versatility and efficiency in seeing the great city of Miami and having a lot of fun while your doing it. It seems like it would be a blast to do!

I have not done this tour yet but take a look at this video, and tell me if this doesn’t look like a lot of fun.

Hope you guys liked the video, we would love to hear what you think of this activity. Is it something you would consider doing?   Since I have not done this tour yet, I would love some feed back from someone that has done this Air Tour.

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Jungle Queen Dinner Cruise

Fort Lauderdale is famous for the beach, snorkeling, and scuba diving but for the last 65 years the Jungle Queen Dinner Cruise has been a timeless attraction of the beach.

On this boat cruise and tour, you will have a chance to see the beauty of Fort Lauderdale’s waterways, all you can eat dinner, vaudeville show, all on a fun filled replica steam ship.  It is one of those attractions that everyone needs to try at least once.  I love when I have family and friends visit me in South Florida and I take them on this tour.

To Read More < Click Here >

Have you been on the Jungle Queen? What’s your thoughts about the trip?
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Wonderful World of Harry Potter

The Harry Potter is the hottest attraction in Orlando.  This is part of of Islands of Adventure of Universal Studios.  We have a great story from Tarek Khaleel of his day at this new attraction. He had a busy day there and describes his time very well, from amazing roller coasters, to the new Harry Potter shows.

You need to read his story about his day. < Read More >

Has anyone else gone to this new attraction? What did you think?
I look forward hearing from you.

A Day at the Holy Land Orlando Florida

You don’t have to go to Isreal to be in the Holy Land. You can go to Orlando Florida to see this amazing attraction. If you are a curious secular person or church goer, this is a must attraction.

Very interesting for the historical presentations and educational matters. The best part for me is the bible comes alive and really understand the stories that are in it.

Here is story on our trip to the Holy Land…

Theme Park Attractions, the Holy Land is a great option for the entire family! Whether you want to learn more about the Hebrew people, get a historical education, or just have pure fun visiting the land of the Jews without paying the airfare to fly to Israel. The Holy Land has something for everyone! < Read More on the Holy Land Orlando>

Have you gone to the Holy Land in Orlando Florida? What did you think?

Snorkeling Vacation in Key Largo

The Florida Keys is one of my Top Ten favorite places to go in Florida, from the funky store, great food, and affordable accommodations. The Florida Keys is about the ocean and bay, so if you love water, this is the place to come to.

A lot of people know the Keys for scuba diving, but I would have to argue that it also is great for snorkeling in Key Largo. Key Largo is the main spot because of John Pennekamp Coral Reef state park.

Read this story about Key Largo Snorkeling and why I love this activity and place.

Have you gone to Key Largo? What is your favorite place to stay? Favorite Place to eat?