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Florida Keys Dive Center

In 1983 the Florida Keys Dive Center opened due to the vision of Tom and Pam Timmerman. Their vision was to create a snorkel and dive center that operated with professionalism while providing a fun family atmosphere with an emphasis on dive education. Today, 20 years later, that vision is still alive and every day families are learning to dive and snorkel while enjoying hours of family fun.

Just south of mile marker 90 in the Florida Keys lies Tom and Pam Timmerman’s vision. Along an open waterway off Tavernier Inlet, are two 40-foot specialized dive boats; The Little Dipper and Goody III. In the early morning you will see the captains their crews preparing the boats for a day filled with diving, snorkeling and education. By 8:30 AM, the first of two trips have left the docks and are making their way out of the inlet to experience the beauty of the underwater world in of the Upper Keys.

As the boat moves down the waterway towards the inlet, the crew informs the adventure seekers of the rules for the boat and hints for diving and snorkeling. They also give you some history of the area and points out some amazing wildlife. The crew employed at the dive center is the most experienced in the Keys. The staff consists of two full time PADI Course Directors, two PADI Master Instructors and four PADI Instructors. Four members of the staff hold USCG Captains Licenses and collectively the staff has over 250 years experience in the dive industry. 

The first point of interest Captain Greg, one of the captains at the dive center, points out is the large wild iguana that lives in the mango trees draped along the banks of the waterway. Visitors get a great look as the boat passes the iguana seeking shade from the early morning sun.

After a ten minute boat ride full of sights and instructions you are in the Atlantic Ocean heading towards David’s Ledge, the first of two dive and snorkel stops. At David’s Ledge the crew preps the passengers for optimal diving and snorkeling. The crew points out the reef and certain fish and ocean life to look for while in the water. The crew also tells divers where to dive to get a good look at the famous submerged statue of Buddha. At the first stop divers have one hour to see the sights and return to the boat. The reef contains beautiful fish and coral for the divers to observe. Many Parrotfish, Jewfish, Angelfish and Stingray show themselves and allow great photo opportunities. 

After the hour dive and snorkel at David’s Ledge the crew and Captain Greg lead the divers to the second stop about 12 minutes away, a series of reefs called Chicken and Hen. Here the divers swim along many smaller reefs seeing a larger variety of tropical life including the Nurse Shark resting in the reef waiting to feed later in the evening. As the hour comes to a close, the divers and snorkelers board the boat with a camera full of pictures and memories to last a lifetime.

Over the past 20 years Florida Keys Dive Center has proven to be one of the top dive centers in the Florida Keys. Tom and Pam Timmerman made a commitment to offer great family fun while receiving a quality dive education. The PADI Advanced Open Water Course is a must for new divers and an excellent value for visitors to the Florida Keys. The course is a great way to experience a variety of diving interest areas as well as a introduction to develop proper procedures for general diving such as deep diving and night navigation. The student will also get additional diving experience I compass navigation, coral ad fish identification, underwater photography, boat diving ad deep diving. There is very little classroom time needed as a result of the home study style of the PADI courses.

If you are planning a trip to the Florida Keys, be sure to book a dive at the Florida Keys Dive Center. To stay close to the dive center, book your stay at the Ocean Point Suites Resort, Pelican Cove Resort, The Islander Motel, Island Bay Resort, Tavernier Hotel or Islamorada Motel. 

Coming soon, a NEW 46 foot Newton Dive Boat. The boat is being built for your comfort and is expected to be completed June 2004. The boat will have a better range to cover all the reefs from Key Largo to Islamorada. 

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