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Puerto Vallart Vacation – A True Mexican Experience

Puerto Vallart Vacation – A True Mexican Experience

The United States of America has many spectacular natural and wondrous sites to visit. Sometimes people travel outside the United States without ever exploring what America has to offer. When I visited Las Vegas, my husband and I decided to visit one of the wonders of the world the illustrious Grand Canyon. The Grand Canyon is 277 miles long, 18 miles wide and the Colorado River and its tributaries run through layers of its rock. Although the subject of debate…

Things To Do In London England – Walking Tour For 1 Day

Things to Do in London England – Walking Tour for 1 Day

My wife and I stayed near Angel Station Underground station in Northern London. We decided to take the double decker bus into the heart of London and take the Underground on the way back. We purchased the all day pass from the Underground station for 4 pounds, which is pretty good deal. You can ride the bus or train till 12 midnight as many times as you want. We took the double decker bus from Angel station to the London…

London Day 1!  Traveling Diary Through Europe

London Day 1! Traveling Diary Through Europe

  Traveling 8 hours on the plane from Miami to London is never easy. Especially traveling with novice travelers, like my wife, my mother-in-law, and brother-in-law, so coming to Europe was a big thing in all our lives. We decided to purchase pre-package 10 tour from Trafalger Tours, which is a combination of helping us plan our travel and with a lot of freedom to do what we want. We The part they helped us out with, was planning our…

The New El Salvador

The New El Salvador

Does the term ‘El Salvador’ make you uneasy? Some are overcome with a negative feeling when hearing the words, associating it with the civil war that occurred there in the 1980’s. Many are surprised to learn that today’s El Salvador is actually an alluring and rewarding place to visit. The country is in peace. The only chilling feature it touts is its volcanoes. Only three months ago, Santa Ana Volcano erupted after 100 years in dormancy, only forty miles from…

Caroline Shepard, Professional Photographer, Some Pictures And Excepts From Her Exciting Trip To Belize. A Great Belize

Caroline Shepard, Professional Photographer, some pictures and excepts from her exciting trip to Belize. A great Belize

The trip from Belize City to Ambergris Caye takes 15 minutes on a puddle jumper and about 1 hour by boat. The flight over beautiful emerald green water is breath taking. The islands that run along the mainland are called Cayes pronounced Keys, are contained by the Great Barrier Reef, which makes for spectacular snorkeling and diving.

Mexico Vacations, Yucatan…You Can Too!

Mexico Vacations, Yucatan…You Can Too!

Airplane Wrecks, Cenote Car Wash, Descending God, Columbia Gardens, Barracuda Wall. What do all of these ear-catching words have in common? You can see them all in Mexico’s Yucatan state of Quintana Roo. The semitropical, scubby-jungled Quintana Roo became an official state in 1974. The state is a dichotomy of sorts, with the Americanized party atmospheres of Cancun Mexico and Cozumel Mexico on one hand, and the archaeological marvels of the Maya ruins only a stone’s throw away. Make sure…

Costa Rica’s Scuba Diving Pioneer

Costa Rica’s Scuba Diving Pioneer

Bill Beard has been one of the pioneers of diving in Costa Rica, while diving since 1954 in his native state of North Carolina. Bill has taken a love for a sport and has exposed many travelers to wonders and beauties of a different country like Costa Rica. Originally Bill took his diving skills to the shores of Cuba but things got too hot there politically and then headed back to the states and lived in Miami. Believe it or…

Shedd Aquarium In Chicago

Shedd Aquarium in Chicago

Many Chicago tourist are always looking for something fun to do while on vacation and it is good thing that Chicago has one of the oldest aquariums in the country called the Shedd Aquarium.  This famous Aquarium holds many Marine and Aquatic animals. While staying in this grand American City, you may want to see this Aquarium, because of the interesting history, the many unique habits to see, and I have some travel suggestions to share about my experience with this…

Vacationing The Island Of Oahu Hawaii

Vacationing the Island of Oahu Hawaii

A calming oasis can be found on Oahu; you just need to know where to look. There are many resorts located outside of Waikiki that offer less crowded surroundings. Natural beauty can be found in the two mountain ranges (the Koolau and Waianae ranges) that make up Oahu...some great hikes are just a 15-minute drive into the mountains from Waikiki. Secluded white sand beaches, funky beach towns, pounding winter surf on the North Shore...all of this can be found on…

My Beginners Experience Skiing In Colorado

My Beginners Experience Skiing in Colorado

In April I went on a business trip for my office and visited Denver Colorado. While in Denver my husband and I decided to go skiing. We chose the Loveland Slopes because it was less than an hour and a half from where we staying in Denver My husband is a very patient guy, but when he suggested he would teach me how to ski, I said No! Instead I went to a beginner’s level 1 ski Training class in…